Equestrian Event

Equestrian show online transmissions

Here we present the system data that we have specially prepared for the equestrian events. Some of the elements are our own solutions.

muli cameras transmission

Transmissions can be made using several camera channels. We have robotized rotating cameras, which allows us to quickly show participants from different perspectives.

Commentary booth

Simultaneous broadcast on a special website and Facebook

Graphic during live streaming

During the broadcast we display the captions of the participants, scores, the start list. Class’s sponsors, show schedules.

Recording system
Recording online all runs

Every participant's run is recorded in the recording system and immediately after the ride is available on a special website. Every participant can download his run after the competition has been completed.

Screen for participants with a delayed ride (timeshift)

Statistics and points online at website

Dedicated website of the competition

Presentation of sponsors and advertising spots

See the demo

riders run
run recording system
start list and points
sponsors presentation

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